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16 June 2010

Baker Announces Bold Education Plan: Legalized BINGO & More School Days

Wednesday, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Thurbert Baker unveiled his plan to make Georgia's schools the best in the nation. The proposal called the Best Education, Students and Teachers (or B.E.S.T.) initiative will make kindergarten mandatory, make the state's teachers the highest paid in the nation and increase the school year to 200 days within the next ten years.

Baker says he plans to pay for his proposal with legalized BINGO.

“The BEST initiative is based on a simple idea: more instruction time and better quality instruction time lead to better performance,” Baker said. “Every nation in the industrialized world understands this. Students in Europe and Asia get more education than our students, across the board: more days in school, more available hours, and more years.”

According to the Baker campaign, the B.E.S.T. Initiative will generate almost $1 billion dollars per year in its first year for our schools, and will grow to $2.2 billion per year in ten years.

Baker's B.E.S.T. Initiative can be read in its entirety by clicking here