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07 June 2010

And Now. . .The Rest Of The Story (the Ken Hodges edition)

One of the great things about having a blog with the word "unfiltered" in its title is that an individual, like myself, has no need to edit what is posted on this site's front pages.

Take, for example, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's coverage of the controversy surrounding Andrew Young's mealy-mouthed position on whom he's supporting in the Democratic race for attorney general. The AJC gave us a partial quote from Ken Hodges' campaign manager Shannon Marietta [Galloway, Jim (2010-6-4). Your morning jolt: Forget border wall — we need ray guns. AJC Political Insider. Retrieved on 2010-6-7).].

Here's the rest of that quote:

It's not surprising that Rob Teilhet, who's never prosecuted a single case and appeared before judges a handful of times, is trying to divert attention from his lack of experience in the courtroom and with law enforcement. The reality is that Ambassador Young endorsed his candidacy, as have former Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears, Senator Michael Meyer Von Bremen, Civil Rights Leader Lonnie King, and law enforcement officials from around the state, and hundreds of other Georgians from all walks of life and all parts of the state. Those endorsements are based on the simple fact that the Attorney General should be a tough, fair, and experienced prosecutor rather than a politician who lives and dies by political favors.

Additionally, the AJC posted a screenshot of the Ken Hodges mailer that Rob Teilhet seems to have a problem with. Below is the Hodges campaign mail piece in its full context:
That's what it means, that's what it really means to be unfiltered.