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24 May 2010

Sony Ericsson Move To Atlanta Welcomed By Labor Commissioner Candidate

Friday, it was announced that mobile communications company Sony Ericsson would be moving its North American headquarters to Atlanta, bringing nearly 200 new jobs to the area [Karkaria, Urvaksh (2010-5-21). Sony gets $4M to move unit HQ to ATL. Atlanta Business Chronicle. Retrieved on 2010-5-24.].

Sony Ericsson's North American headquarters is currently located in North Carolina.

The announcement was lauded by Labor Commissioner candidate Melvin Everson. Everson, a Republican, said similar corporate announcements should be the norm for Georgia.

"We are pleased to know that we will have such a good employer coming to Georgia,” Everson said. “These are the kinds of high-wage opportunities that are most needed for metro Atlanta, and throughout the state, right now.

“As Labor Commissioner, I will work to make sure there are more corporate headquarters and employers seeking to locate in Georgia,” he added. “It is possible to bring together the Governor’s office, Department of Economic Development and others to support our efforts to attract jobs.”

Everson is one of four candidates running for state Labor Commissioner. He'll face state Rep. Mark Butler in the July Republican primary.

[AUTHOR'S NOTE]: North Carolina has been challenging Georgia's status as the capital of the new south. Let's hope this announcement by Sony Ericsson will make N.C. think twice before stepping into the ring with the big boys.