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03 May 2010

Some Unfiltered Thoughts On Immigration Reform

This past week, New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez expressed his opposition to the new Arizona immigration law publicly on television.

In a clip that aired on CNN recently, Sen. Menendez said, "Arizona has become the 'show me your papers' state. And if I was a citizen of Arizona or if I were visiting in Arizona, the only papers I would intend to show is the Constitution of the United States that says that I have rights as a citizen and that I am not a second-class citizen in this country."

The problem with the New Jersey Senator's remarks is that illegal immigrants aren't second-class citizens. These people aren't citizens at all. They are here illegally. They broke the law to come here. And they have no rights.

If these immigrants want some rights, they need to follow the law and come to America the legal way; the right way. Until then, the government needs to crack down on illegals sneaking across the border. After all, each immigrant in this country illegally is an insult to every legal immigrant who worked hard and played by the rules to become an American citizen.