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19 May 2010

A Rural Democrat Raises Valid Issues With The Location Of The State Dem Convention

Keith McCants is a rural, conservative Democrat. McCants runs a blog called Peanut Politics which features portraits of prominent Georgia politicians from the heyday of the state Democratic Party.

Keith, I believe, feels that the way for Democrats to regain a strong footing in this state is by reaching out to conservatives, independents and folks who live in rural Georgia.

Keith McCants, a conservative Democrat from rural Georgia, isn't too happy with the announcement that the 2010 state Democratic convention will be held in liberal Athens-Clarke County.

Here's Keith in his own words:

I was pushing for the convention to be held here in central Georgia, at Perry or even Macon. The idea was to hold the event outside the Atlanta Area to bring back conservative Democrats, as well as appeal to independents, & to expand the party's base beyond the cities & suburbs.

Once again rural Georgia is not loved by the Democratic Party of Georgia & they wonder why rural, conservative Democrats have voted with the GOP since the takeover of 2002. Do they even want to compete for rural Georgia? Have a presence in rural Georgia.

If Democrats want to win in November, they are going to need the rural vote!

McCants, Keith (2010-5-19). Well I should have known! I'm not shocked by the decision of the DPG to keep its State Convention in North Ga. I guess Rural Ga is not good enough!. Peanut Politics. Retrieved on 2010-5-19.

Keith makes a good point; and from what I've heard the state Democratic Party's name in the rural parts of this state doesn't elicit a very positive response.

While it certainly is true that the state Democratic convention is nothing but six or seven hundred party activists listening to speeches all day, what about the symbolism contained in holding the gathering in Perry or Macon or Albany or Savannah? Imagine the goodwill Georgia Democrats could build up by leaving the liberal strongholds and going to a traditionally conservative area with this simple message:

Democrats want to put Georgians back to work.

People in Atlanta are hurting. People in Cordele, Georgia are hurting too. Our platform is to put Georgia --rural, urban, liberal, conservative-- back to work. And we're holding our quadrennial state convention outside of Atlanta to show a good faith effort that we are serious in our pledge to provide a positive economic impact for all of Georgia. Just like we provided a positive economic impact on your area with the Democratic convention, we plan to positively impact the economy of this great state if elected to office.

There is nothing to be gained by holding the convention in Athens-Clarke County. It only serves to reinforce the perception of many who believe that the Democratic Party of Georgia is really the Democratic Party of Atlanta.