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24 May 2010

Perdue-era Education Reforms Getting Rolled Back Before He Even Leaves Office

Four years ago, Gov. Perdue signed into law the Truth in Class Size Act, legislation lowering class sizes in kindergarten through eighth grade.

It now appears as if one of Perdue's biggest education reform acts may not have the lasting legacy he hoped for.

The state Board of Education plans to consider abolishing class-size limits at a called meeting today to give school districts more say in how they should balance their classrooms and their budgets.

"We're getting out of the way so local districts have that flexibility to determine what works best for their system from a financial standpoint," said Matt Cardoza, spokesman for the state Department of Education.

If approved, local school boards would be required to notify the public before raising class sizes by passing a resolution and submitting it to the state Department of Education.

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As Gov. Perdue nears the end of his term, people are beginning to question how history will judge his eight years in office. The big question being whether Perdue will have a visionary idea like the Hope Scholarship program or the Quality Basic Edication act to hold up as a lasting legacy.

Right now, it seems that Sonny Perdue will be seen as a caretaker of the Governor's Mansion who did just enough not to piss people off and get re-elected. I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

Georgia needs visionary leaders, and Sonny Perdue definitely was not it.