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19 May 2010

New Insider Advantage Poll Says Oxendine Continues To Lead GOP Gubernatorial Field

Insider Advantage is out with a new poll that shows state Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine leading his closest competitor, former Secretary of State Karen Handel, by eight points.

Below are the results:

If the election to determine the Republican candidate for governor were held today, who would you vote for to be the Republican nominee for governor?

John Oxendine: 23%
Karen Handel: 15%
Nathan Deal: 14%
Eric Johnson: 5%
Jeff Chapman: 2%
Ray McBerry: 2%
Otis Putnam: 0%
Undecided/No opinion: 39%

Reese, Gary (2010-5-19). Oxendine still leads Georgia GOP governor's race. Southern Political Report. Retrieved on 2010-5-19.

The lesson that can be taken away from these new numbers is that most Republican primary voters want someone other than Oxendine. But they can't settle on any of the other candidates quite yet.