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18 May 2010

Nat'l Education Group Grades Governor Candidates On School Choice, Other Issues

Do you know where Georgia's gubernatorial candidates stand on the issues of charter schools, school choice and performance pay? If not, a national group has put together a website detailing the policy positions of both Democrats and Republicans on these three issues.

According to the Center for Education Reform, a D.C.-based organization, most Republican candidates for governor favor charter schools, school choice and performance pay. Most Democratic gubernatorial candidates are opposed.

The research by the Center for Education Reform is posted on their new website, Education

The site, launched Monday, arms voters with specific candidate positions on school choice, charter schools, and teacher performance pay, covering the views of all candidates in the nation's 37 gubernatorial contests in 2010, with the goal of elevating education reform to a higher stature in statewide political debate and demanding that candidates adopt meaningful positions.

The Center for Education Reform is a 501c(3) public, non-profit corporation organized in the District of Columbia in 1993. Support for CER comes from more than 1,000 individuals, foundations, and civic leaders.