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13 May 2010

John Barrow Loses The Support Of A Democratic County Chair

For more than five years, I've served as a member of Georgia's state Democratic committee.

These past five years, I've learned a lot about Democratic Party politics in the state of Georgia. One lesson I picked up quite quickly was that even though the Georgia Democratic Party describes the state committee as the Party's "highest authority," the real work is done at the local level by the county Democratic committees.

Without the county committees, there would be no state committee and there would be no Democratic National Committee. The county Democratic committees are the engines that drive the Democratic Party machine. That's why news that a county Democratic committee chairman is withdrawing his support from an incumbent Democratic Congressman should be of major concern.

Rep. John Barrow's vote against the health care overhaul pushed by President Barack Obama is costing the Georgia congressman support among some fellow Democrats as he heads into a contested primary election.

Some Democratic officials say they're not endorsing Barrow because of his health care vote. State Rep. Mickey Stephens, a Savannah Democrat, is endorsing Thomas after being a Barrow supporter in past elections.

John Brewer, Democratic Party chairman for rural Montgomery County, says he plans to vote against Barrow in the primary.

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John Barrow may cruise to re-nomination in the July 20th Democratic primary due to lackluster opposition from former state Sen. Regina Thomas. Still, the damage is done. Without the support of your county chairs, any Democrat is as good as dead politically.