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06 May 2010

Jack Kingston: We Got To Pray Just To Make It Today

Today, May 6th, marks the National Day of Prayer.

Accodring to CBS News, the National Day of Prayer dates back to 1952. However, in April, a federal judge ruled the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional [Montopoli, Brian (2010-5-6). National Day of Prayer Takes Place Despite Court Ruling. CBS News. Retrieved on 2010-5-6.]. The federal judge's ruling is currently being appealed by the Obama Administration.

1st district Congressman Jack Kingston issued a statement today recognizing the traditional National Day of Prayer, saying that "America needs prayer now more than ever."

"We are a nation at war, a nation under attack from terrorists, we face tough decisions to address an unsustainable yet ever-growing national debt and we have an environmental disaster in the gulf," said Kingston. "Some think we need to scrub our government of religion but I know that America needs prayer now more than ever. Every day should be a day of prayer – a day to reflect on our challenges and to ask God for his guiding hand."

I think MC Hammer put it best when he said, "We got to pray just to make it today."