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21 May 2010

Herbert Giles Withdraws From H.D.18 Democratic Primary

Earlier this week, you may have heard about the residency troubles of Democrat Herbert Giles.

Giles qualified to run for state representative from the 18th district. Trouble is, Giles didn't live in the district and as a result, he had his candidacy challenged.

The Carrollton Times-Georgian reports that Giles has now withdrawn his name from the July 20th primary ballot. But Giles' political career isn't over quite yet. Giles says he hopes to appear on the ballot in the district he actually lives in as an independent.

Upon the end of qualifying in late April, Herbert Giles was the sole Democrat running for the District 18 seat in the Georgia House, with Republicans Kevin Cooke and Gerald Pilgrim vying for the spot on the GOP side.

Last week, Rep. Mark Butler, who announced he will forgo running for re-election in the District 18 race to pursue the position of state labor commissioner, formally challenged Giles’ candidacy on the grounds that Giles lives outside the district.

Now, Giles said he has withdrawn his name from that race and is in the process of petitioning to run in the District 69 race — the district in which he resides. He’ll need upwards of 1,500 signatures by the end of June to secure his name on the ballot.

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There's something to be said about perseverance.