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14 May 2010

CQ Politics Changes Rating On Georgia Senate Race

After a year of declaring Georgia's 2010 U.S. Senate race "safe Republican," CQ Politics has downgraded the seat held by Johnny Isakson as "likely Republican."

It has taken Isakson some time to establish himself in statewide politics, losing a 1990 race for governor and a 1996 primary for the Senate before segueing from a U.S. House seat to an open-seat Senate victory in 2004. But he won that year with a solid 58 percent, and with the long-running Republican trend in mainly conservative Georgia uninterrupted by the 2006-08 national Democratic upswing, Isakson initially looked safe for re-election this year.

But at least a glimmer of competition has entered the contest because of the April decision by state Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond to enter the race, which followed recruiting entreaties by Democratic officials. Thurmond is African-American, which could give him particular appeal to a black constituency that makes up more than a quarter of the state’s population. CQ Politics has changed its rating on the race to Likely Republican.

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There's a lot of campaigning left between now, the July primary and the November general election. Anything could happen, so no predictions.