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17 May 2010

Coweta County Brags About Having The Best Prison In Georgia

Is this something Coweta County really wants to be bragging about?

The Coweta County Prison has once again been named the finest county prison facility in Georgia.

The prison was named the 2009 "County Facility of the Year" by the Georgia Department of Corrections. The prison won the same award for 2007.

Campbell, Sarah Fay (2010-5-17). Coweta prison wins top state honor. Newnan Times-Herald. Retrieved on 2010-5-17.

Reading this article reminded me of the scene from the movie "Titanic" where someone asks Leonardo DiCaprio's character about the accommodations in steerage.

DiCaprio responded, "The best I've seen, ma'am. Hardly any rats."

So Coweta County has the best prison in this state. And they've received multiple honors for holding that distinction. The Coweta County jail is so great that, according to the Newnan Times-Herald report, recidivists ask to be transferred back to the Coweta prison.

Oh brother. . .