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18 May 2010

Athens Awarded 2010 State Democratic Convention

Monday, the Democratic Party of Georgia announced that Athens would be hosting the 2010 state Democratic Convention.

The convention date was also announced -- August 14th.

As a member of the state Democratic committee, I'm a "super delegate" to this convention, meaning that I serve as a delegate by virtue of the Party office I hold.

Each county in the state will elect delegates and alternates to the Democratic convention based on the number of state committee members it has. For example, Fulton County has 23 state Democratic committee members and is entitled to elect up to 46 delegates (twice the number of state committee members) & 23 alternates. In addition, the gubernatorial nominee can appoint up to two additional delegates per state Senate district; each affiliate organization (the Young Dems, the Georgia Federation of Democratic Women, the Georgia Association of Democratic County Chairs) can also elect one convention delegate.

How many delegates are there total? Beats the hell out of me, but when I chaired the convention credentials committee four years ago, we certified about 600 delegates.

By the way, for those thinking that this convention doesn't matter, I have but one word for you to consider -- platform. The Party's platform is debated and voted on by the convention delegates.

If you want to know what Georgia Democrats stand for, the state convention is a good place to find out.