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07 April 2010

Southside Transportation Hopes To Fill Void Left By C-TRAN

The demise of Clayton County Transit (C-TRAN) may lead to the rise of a private bus company that could fill the void left by public transit.

The Georgia Public Service Commission voted Tuesday to grant emergency authority to Southside Transportation to provide transportation service to Clayton residents left without a ride when the cash-strapped county commission voted to shut down C-TRAN on March 31.

According to the company’s application, Southside will operate two 15-passenger vans that will carry passengers from Clayton County to a MARTA Park-and-Ride lot on Riverdale Road. Riders will pay $2 per trip.

Williams, Dave (2010-4-6). Vans to replace Clayton County buses. Atlanta Business Chronicle. Retrieved on 2010-4-7.

Plenty of Republicans will cite the article above as an example of what happens when government fails, and private individuals pick up the slack. And in this case, they would be right.

The Clayton County Commission failed their constituents when they voted to end C-TRAN. Now, private enterprise is stepping up to the plate and picking up where government left off.

If Southside Transportation is successful (and I believe they will be), then the private company gradually will buy more vans from local dealerships and hire more drivers from the local community, stimulating the economy more effectively than any bailout possibly could.

Southside Transportation could be extremely beneficial to Clayton County. The only thing missing is a public-private partnership that provides Southside riders with discounted transfers to MARTA and vice-versa.

This could work, folks. I'm excited about it.