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05 April 2010

Nonbinding MARTA Referendum For Clayton County Moves Forward

One could call it a case of too little, too late, if the referendum meant anything.

Last week, as Clayton County shut down its public bus system, the House passed legislation authorizing a nonbinding referendum on MARTA in ClayCo. House Bill 1446 puts the following question on the July primary ballot:

"Should Clayton County become a full participant in MARTA (the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) and levy a sales tax in support of MARTA and Clayton County's public transportation needs?"

I believe the "yes" votes will vastly outnumber the "no" votes on this question. But, I don't believe Clayton County's Commissioners will pay attention to the referendum's results. MARTA could be in ClayCo today if the county commission would simply authorize a binding referendum on the issue. They haven't, and they won't regardless of how the people vote; unless, of course, the people start sending some county commissioners home.