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16 April 2010

Michael Thurmond Considering Challenging Johnny Isakon

The state Democratic Party may need to find a candidate for Labor Commissioner if the current officeholder challenges Johnny Isakson for U.S. Senate.

Georgia Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond has told The Associated Press he's leaning toward a run for U.S. Senate.

The 57-year-old Democrat says he is strongly considering a challenge to Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson. Thurmond says his experience as labor commissioner would serve him well if he decides to run, because jobs are a top priority for the nation

Thurmond, an Athens native, says he will announce his decision on Wednesday.

Haines, Errin (2010-4-16). AP: Georgia labor chief leaning toward Senate bid. Macon Telegraph. Retrieved on 2010-4-16.

R.J. Hadley must be seriously annoyed at this new development, especially considering that he's been the only Democratic U.S. Senate candidate in the race for nearly a year.

If Michael Thurmond decides to run, I'm casting my vote for R.J. Hadley in the Democratic primary. I have no personal animosity towards Thurmond. I just believe that Hadley should be rewarded for spending his time, energy and money towards a Senate race that no one's paid attention to until now.

Candidate qualifying for Georgia's U.S. Senate seat begins April 26th.

[UPDATE:] R.J. Hadley commented on the possible candidacy of Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond --

"It looks like an establishment politician is looking to enter the race at the final hour. We've seen this before. It's politics as usual. We showed the leadership needed to step forward EARLY when everyone said the incumbent was unbeatable. We showed the courage to take our campaign into hostile territory. For me, this is about the people not the politics. Those who will continue to stand and fight with me, I thank you."