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19 April 2010

Mary Norwood Will Be Fulton County's Independent Voice

AJC Political Insider Jim Galloway brings word that former Atlanta City Council member Mary Norwood plans to challenge Democrat John Eaves for Fulton County Commission Chair this November.

Norwood will run as an independent. But first, she must obtain ballot access.

State law dictates that Norwood collect signatures from 5% of the total number of registered voters eligible to vote in the last election [O.C.G.A. 21-2-170(b)]. The Fulton County Elections Dept. says that number equals 22,598. In other words, Mary Norwood has to file a nominating petition containing the signatures of 22,598 Fulton County voters before July 13th in order to get on the ballot.

I intend to sign Mary Norwood's nominating petition. And if you're a registered Fulton County voter, I urge you to do the same.

Mary Norwood will be an independent voice for Fulton County, working with Democrats and Republicans to promote good government and good public policy.

I look forward to seeing Mary Norwood's name on the ballot this fall, so that I can cast a vote not for a Democrat or a Republican, but for an independent who will put people first.