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28 April 2010

A Little Irony From The Georgia GOP During Qualifying Week

Tuesday afternoon, I paid a visit to the Capitol just to see if any fireworks went off on the second day of candidate qualifying.

Aside from Tricia McCracken entering the Democratic primary for Lt. Governor and Otis Putnam placing his name on the ballot in the Republican gubernatorial primary, there were few surprises.

There was, however, a big piece of irony noted under the Gold Dome.

The Georgia Republican Party --the party where cash is king; the party of big business; the party of rich people-- refuses to accept cash from candidates qualifying in their primary. It's either cashier's check or money order for the GOP.

Isn't it ironic that the Georgia GOP won't accept your cash? Here I thought cash was accepted everywhere. The Democrats in the room got a real kick out of that.

Speaking of the Dems, they take cash, cashier's check, personal checks and money orders. It would be nice though if both political parties started accepting major credit cards to qualify.