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15 April 2010

A Libertarian Walks Into A Democratic Party Meeting. . .

. . .And no, it's not the beginning of a really funny joke.

As a Libertarian, Randy Reynolds said his appearance at Friday’s county Democratic Party meeting was “a missionary effort,” but it’s a trip more to find common ground than converts.

“I will be trying get people on board intellectually and emotionally, and then ask some rhetorical questions,” he said.

Reynolds’ talk with local Democrats stemmed from an effort between him and Rockdale Democratic Chairman Stan Williams to search for common ground among them on, at least, local issues. Williams was the guest speaker at the Libertarians’ party meeting recently. Friday’s meeting will return the favor, Reynolds said.

Jones, Jay (2010-4-14). Libertarian chair to talk to local Dems. Rockdale (County) Citizen. Retrieved on 2010-4-15.

How's that for bipartisanship, huh?

I'm actually glad that the Rockdale County Democratic and Libertarian parties are listening to each other and looking for common ground. On local issues, everyone wants low taxes, low crime and good schools. On the national issues, we can have legitimate disagreements. Still, it does not hurt to listen to folks who you may not agree with.