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01 April 2010

House Resolution 1894: The Blogger Day Resolution

During the live-blogging of Crossover Day last week, I tossed out an idea that I initially thought would get little traction; a resolution commending Georgia's political bloggers and inviting them to the state House for "Blogger Day At The Capitol."

State Representative Steve Davis participated in that Crossover Day live blog and agreed to introduce the Blogger Day resolution; House Resolution 1894.

HR 1894 --sponsored by Representatives Steve Davis, Sean Jerguson, Ralph Long, Melvin Everson, Mike Glanton and Jeff May-- designates April 1st as Blogger Day At The Capitol. It also recognizes the unique role Georgia's political bloggers have in promoting openness and transparency in state government.

HR 1894 currently sits in the Rules Committee where, I'm sure, it will pass out easily.