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07 April 2010

Graham Balch Raises Nearly $32K In First Quarter Of 2010

Remember Graham Balch?

He's the political newcomer challenging state Sen. Vincent Fort in the 39th district Democratic primary this summer.

Tuesday evening, the Balch campaign released their first quarter fundraising totals.

To date, Graham Balch’s state senate campaign has raised more money than his opponent from African-Americans, Asians, Caucasians, Hispanics, Atlanta residents, East Point residents, business leaders, lawyers, educators and the LGBT community. Highlighting the diversity of Balch’s growing support are contributions from his opponent’s African-American city council representative in East Point and Balch’s LGBT city council representative in Atlanta.

Graham Balch's March 31st campaign finance disclosure shows that during the first three months of 2010, he raised $31,761.47 from 151 contributors including a $2,400 donation from former Cousins Properties CEO Tom Bell and Cox Enterprises' Anne Cox Chambers. That brings Balch's fundraising totals to $104,185.58 in contributions since he launched his campaign. Balch has a net cash on hand total of $74,953.78.

State Sen. Vincent Fort, who is prohibited from raising money while the legislature is in session, only has $1,534.61 left in the bank.

Balch said of his fundraising success, "In this difficult economic environment, quite honestly, I have found fundraising difficult."

"It is only through the help of Atlanta and East Point residents who want more effective representation in the state senate that we have been able to achieve our fundraising success to date. Going forward, I am confident that with their help we can raise the money we need to win this election. As I have said from the beginning, united we succeed."