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16 April 2010

GOP Dirty Tricks Under Way (Again) In Georgia's 13th Congressional District

Michael Murphy is one of two candidates challenging Congressman David Scott in the July 20th General Primary.

Michael Murphy says he's a Democrat. I say that's a bunch of bullshit.

Michael Murphy is no more a Democrat than Newt Gingrich is, and here's why:

Murphy, according to his biography on Honeycutt, remains active in the Cobb County Republican Party. As recently as 2008, Murphy served as a co-chair of the Cobb GOP's outreach committee; a committee charged coordinating outreach efforts of the Cobb County Republican Party.

During the 2008 election cycle, Murphy served as campaign manager for Deborah Honeycutt's failed congressional campaign. Murphy was paid over $37,000 by Deborah Honeycutt for a variety of activites related to promoting her candidacy [SOURCE: Federal Elections Commission].

Michael Murphy is attempting to perpetrate a fraud on the people of Georgia's 13th congressional district. Murphy is no Democrat, and this move by him has Republican dirty tricks written all over it.