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15 April 2010

The Ghost of C-TRAN Lingers (in the form of a resolution)

State Senator Emanuel Jones (D - Decatur) is making it known that he cares about mass transit in Clayton County even though he's a resident of DeKalb County.

Jones introduced a resolution Wednesday urging the Clayton County Commission to rescind the vote that shut down C-TRAN last month. The resolution, S.R.1482, is not Jones' first foray into Clayton County politics.

In February, Jones was chastised on the Senate floor by state Sen. Valencia Seay (D - Riverdale) for sticking his nose into Clayton County's business. Seay, who represents a portion of Clayton, said to Jones:

“I rise to let it be known that I too care about the people of Clayton County. We have been working diligently on this matter,” Seay said. “And the last time I looked, the “C” in C-Tran stood for Clayton.”

Suggs, Ernie (2010-2-17). Senators spar of territory, C-Tran at issue. Gold Dome Live. Retrieved on 2010-4-15.

The "C" in C-TRAN may stand for Clayton, but traffic congestion and poor air quality affects us all. So, I think a Georgia State Senator from DeKalb County has good reason to advocate for mass transit in Clayton County.