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26 April 2010

Election 2010: The Libertarian Slate Of Candidates

This past weekend, the Libertarian Party of Georgia nominated its slate of candidates for the November General Election.

Jason Pye, a delegate to the 2010 state Libertarian convention, provided a list of his Party's nominees:

  • US Senate - Chuck Donovan

  • Governor - John Monds

  • Lt. Governor - Rhonda Martini

  • Attorney General - Don Smart

  • Secretary of State - David Chastain

  • School Superintendent - Kira Willis

  • Insurance Commissioner - Shane Bruce

  • Agriculture Commissioner - Kevin Cherry

  • Labor Commissioner - William Costa

  • Public Service Commission (2nd District) - Jim Sendelbach
One piece of the puzzle is now complete.

Georgia voters have a full slate of Libertarians to consider on the ballot this fall. The Democratic and Republican parties will nominate their candidates later this summer.

The electorate should learn as much as they can about these candidates. The Libertarians, much like the Republicans and Democrats, have a message and a vision for this state that deserves to be heard on the campaign trail.

And finally, as always, don't forget to vote.