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19 April 2010

Congressional Candidate Liz Carter Endorsed By State Senator John Douglas

4th district congressional candidate Liz Carter announced the endorsement of Georgia State Senator John Douglas. Below is the press release from the Carter campaign:

State Sen. John Douglas (R-Social Circle) has offered his endorsement for leading Republican candidate Liz Carter in the Congressional District 4 race.

Douglas said he greatly respects Carter’s strong stand and dedication to bringing real conservative vision to a district much in need of such leadership. He added that U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson has lost touch with the needs of his own constituents.

“We need to send Liz Carter to Washington to send a strong message to those who support Obamacare, bank bailouts and other out-of-control liberal spending schemes,” Douglas said. “We need a break from representatives that simply vote along with D.C elites. There is no stronger conservative Republican on the ballot than Liz Carter, and I’m proudly asking everyone to join with me in voting her to victory.”

Carter said she is grateful for Douglas’ support, echoing his sentiments of a need for real change in Congressional leadership. She said the current liberals at the top must see that Georgians are ready for a new approach, not more business as usual.

“We have seen a commitment to cutting taxes and ending wasteful spending from John Douglas in the General Assembly, and I am committed to bringing the exact same approach to Congress,” Carter said.

“Hank Johnson has spent to much time blindly voting the way Speaker Pelosi and President Obama have asked – we all know that is not real leadership,” Carter added. “I am asking for voters’ support to really get our economy moving through tax incentives and saving healthcare with more choice, not big government wasting our money.”

Liz Carter ( is not waiting until she’s elected to serve the people of Georgia District 4. As the owner of a small business consulting firm, Liz has put her career on the back burner in order to meet with her fellow citizens and understand the needs and challenges of her community. Among Liz’s many professional accomplishments is the successful management of a multi-million dollar business unit and a track record of increasing revenues and effective cost cutting - all skills that will be employed to the benefit of her District once she is elected. Liz is focused on much needed job creation, strong national security, and improving education.