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18 March 2010

What Are They Thinking? Mark Burkhalter Parkway? Really?!?!

With all the pressing issues facing the state this year, it certainly is nice to know that a few lawmakers are keeping their eye on the ball with critical legislation that will move Georgia forward.

A group of legislators led by House Speaker Pro Tempore Jan Jones (R - Milton) have introduced a bill that will name a stretch of road in north Fulton County Mark Burkhalter Parkway.

Here are some of the highlights from House Resolution 1685:

WHEREAS, Representative Burkhalter served as Administration Floor Leader for Governor Sonny Perdue and was later elected as Speaker Pro Tempore of the House of Representatives in 2005, serving in that capacity until January of 2010 when he briefly succeeded to the office of Speaker of the House, making him one of the few Georgians in history to have held that high office; and

WHEREAS, all of the members of this House who have been privileged to serve with Representative Burkhalter respect him for his great abilities, his tireless devotion to the betterment of the State of Georgia, and his many outstanding legislative accomplishments.

Really? Republicans want to name a road after a man who became House Speaker after the former officeholder got caught screwing around on his wife? Really?

Georgia unemployment is in the double-digits. The state doesn't have a plan for transportation or water. And education is on the chopping block, but Jan Jones et al. have enough time to draft bills naming roads after people. Really?

I mean really? What are these legislators thinking? Really? Do they actually think this is a good use of our tax dollars? Really? Really?!?!