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16 March 2010

"Vote Liberals Out" Billboard Comes To Moultrie, Georgia

Remember this billboard?

If you're heading down to Moultrie anytime soon, you may be able to see it up close and personal.

A Colquitt County billboard encourages south Georgians to consider voting liberals out of Congress this fall.

The Tea Party Freedom Line from Thomas County, Cairo, and Moultrie met in an afternoon rally across from Spence Field Monday. 30 sponsors paid for the billboard that will remain up thought the November elections. Organizers say they're putting their complaints about health care and the economy into action and hope to inspire others.

Emert, Jennifer (2010-3-15). Colquitt billboard encourages you to vote. WALB-TV. Retrieved on 2010-3-16.

I think it is safe to say that conservatives are fired up and ready to go.