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17 March 2010

Towery: Milton County Has A Better Chance Than Most Think

Matt Towery, the Chairman & CEO of Insider Advantage Georgia, posted a video Monday discussing the prospects of Milton County clearing the legislature this year and appearing on the ballot in November.

Here's the money quote from Towery:

"My sources at the Capitol tell me right now that Milton County has a much better chance of becoming a reality, or at least having an opportunity to become a reality, than anyone could possibly imagine. Right now, it looks like Milton County is at least probably going to make it out of one chamber . . . it has a lot more in terms of its legs than anyone seems to realize."

Speaker Pro Tempore Jan Jones is no fool and she's not stupid. The only way HR 21 hits the House floor is if Speaker Pro Tempore Jones has the votes. If HR 21 appears on any Rules Calendar between now and Crossover Day, rest assured Jan Jones has hit the magic number of 120.