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29 March 2010

To Quote The Immortal Al Bundy, "Don't Tax Beer"

The Marin Institute, an alcohol industry watchdog based in California, called on state legislatures to consider raising the beer tax instead of making "draconian cuts" to budgets or essential services.

"More than half the states have not raised beer excise taxes in at least two decades. Legislators are ignoring a lot of revenue their states could use right now," stated Marin Institute's Research and Policy Director Michele Simon.

A Marin Institute study says Georgia has not raised its beer tax in over 45 years. The institute's advocacy director thinks that is because of big alcohol's powerful influence over lawmakers.

"This is graphic proof that Big Alcohol lobbying efforts are extremely effective at preventing sound public policy and balanced state budgets," said Michael Scippa, advocacy director at Marin Institute. "Their well-funded influence peddling is especially effective when coupled with generous campaign contributions."

I hate to be the bearer of bad new to the Marin Institute, but no one is raising the beer tax. Why? Because beer is the working man's drinking, and working men vote. Any legislator considering raising the beer tax is purchasing a one-way ticket to defeat at the ballot box.

To quote the immortal Al Bundy, "Don't tax beer."