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12 March 2010

Scandal In Hall County Government May Lead To Resignation

The guys at Left On Lanier have been all over the scandal involving Hall County Commission Chairman Tom Oliver and the $75,900 Oliver secretly paid to a consultant who did little or no work [Weinman, Melissa (2010-3-11). Oliver can’t provide documentation of Cox’s help. Gainesville Times. Retrieved on 2010-3-12.].

Today, Left On Lanier reports that Oliver, facing investigations by the FBI and GBI as well as a recall petition from voters, will resign from office [Oliver Out!. Left On Retrieved on 2010-3-12.].

I know one of the bloggers at Left On Lanier. He was a researcher for the state Democratic Party in 2006. Trust me, if this guy says resignations are coming, you can guarantee it and take it to the bank.