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05 March 2010

Savannah Morning News to Congressmen: Vote No On ObamaCare, Partie Deux

Friday, the Savannah Morning News editorial board let the world know where it stood on President Obama's latest health care reform bill.

They're opposed.

President Obama, unfortunately, is pushing for an all-or-nothing vote in Congress on his badly flawed health-care reform plan. While we share his love of Southern cooking, which he astutely displayed during this week's visit to Savannah, we oppose his taste in changes that will affect a sixth of the nation's economy.

WE ENCOURAGE Savannah's congressmen and Georgia's two senators to stand firm on their "no" votes against Obamacare.

Savannah Morning News (2010-3-5). Obamacare II: Answer still 'no'. Savannah Morning News. Retrieved on 2010-3-5.

From the backroom deals to the negotiations behind closed doors, nothing about this health care reform debate has gone right.

Most Americans could not say what is in the latest bill proposed by the President. Even folks like me, who have experience reading legislation, find it difficult to understand the health care bills working their way through Congress.

President Obama seems to have embarked on a quixotic quest to pass anything so that he can claim to have done something about health care in this country. What the President should do instead is slow down and get this thing right the first time.

There is no doubt that health care reform is needed. However, the President's current methods of achieving victory may result in him losing the war.