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19 March 2010

Sanford Bishop On Health Care Bill: Still Undecided

The office of Congressman Sanford Bishop might not have revealed that the south Georgia Democrat is still unsure on how he will vote on the $940 billion health care bill.

After reading this article, liberals and conservatives are bound to flood Congressman Bishop's phone lines urging him to vote their way.

Democratic Congressman Sanford Bishop’s staff says that the Blue Dog Democrat remains undecided on whether he will support a contentious health care reform bill unveiled Thursday in the House.

Bishop’s Press Chief Jennie Gibson told the Herald Thursday afternoon that the congressman was “still undecided until he has a chance to read the bill.”

Gibson confirmed media reports that Bishop wants stricter language than was in the Senate bill to ensure that it doesn’t authorize federal funds for abortions.

Sumner, J.D. (2010-3-18). Bishop unsure on health care vote. Albany Herald. Retrieved on 2010-3-19.

Here's a word of advice for Sanford Bishop:

Take the phone off the hook. Don't be pressured by the unions. Don't worry about by those nitwits at Vote your constituents on the health care bill.