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21 March 2010

Republican Lee Hawkins Condemns Health Care Vote

Georgia State Senator Lee Hawkins issued the following statement in reaction to Sunday night's vote on the health care bill. Hawkins is a candidate for Congress in Georgia's 9th district.

"This is the worst, most tone deaf, most economically negligent vote that any U.S. Congress has ever taken," said Dr. Hawkins, a family dentist and former President of the Georgia Dental Association. "It is going to cost millions of jobs and therefore destroy the economic livelihood of untold numbers of families.

"Their 2,700 page bill was made public only 72 hours ago, but apparently H.R. 3590 will require virtually every single business in America to provide health care insurance to all employees, even part time ones. Each insurance plan must be approved by the federal government. This will result in many businesses no longer hiring employees, full or part time ones, and forcing many small businesses to fire employees to stay profitable.

"Make no mistake about it, big corporations already provide health care. This legislation is mainly a weapon being used against small and family run businesses.

"No one will work harder than me in the next Congress to overturn this disastrous plan.