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10 March 2010

Republican Calls On Hank Johnson To Vote No On Health Care Bill

The Liz Carter congressional campaign issued the following press release Wednesday afternoon:

Leading Republican Congressional candidate Liz Carter is asking U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson to do what is best for the people he represents by voting “no” to the health care reform being debated now.

Congressman Johnson and fellow Congressional Leaders are taking steps to speed passage of one of the worst written pieces of legislation ever before the Congress, the revised Federal health care control bill.

“This is an attempt by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hank Johnson and other Washington elites to short circuit the system,” Carter said. “Hank Johnson knows this is not the right way to pass legislation, and he knows this is not the right bill for the American people. Moving for reconciliation on a bill that includes payoffs to specific States, deals for special interest groups, and that will penalize the American people is wrong. You simply don’t pass a bill and then say you’ll fix it later.”

“We need real health care reform, but not what is being railroaded through,” she said. “We need a common sense approach to address the issues we all agree are problems – portability of insurance coverage, pre-existing conditions and adequate IT infrastructure to increase efficiency and reduce fraud. These issues should be addressed in phases, with common sense and business processes.”

Carter said the ongoing health care debate is just the one of several legislative initiatives, including cap and trade, as well as card check revisions, where Congressman Johnson will do more harm than good by following Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid's dangerous agenda.

“Congressman Hank Johnson has to realize that there is no excuse for passing laws that ultimately fuel unemployment and hurt our economy,” Carter said. “He and the rest of the Washington liberals will wreck the already-damaged worlds of small businesses and entrepreneurship. Georgians need to make a real change and elect a Congressional leader that is focused on their needs and interests, not just pleasing political party leaders and special interest groups.”