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03 March 2010

Reactions to Obama's Health Care Speech [UPDATE #3]

Wednesday afternoon, President Obama delivered a speech calling on Congress to pass his health care bill "in the next few weeks."

Members of Georgia's congressional delegation are beginning to react to the President's remarks.

[UPDATE #3]: 4th district Congressman Hank Johnson issued the following statement in reaction to President Obama's speech on health care reform -

"President Obama’s proposal includes the best ideas from across the political spectrum. Now it is time for Congress to unite and pass reform once and for all.

This is about lowering premiums, reducing the deficit and covering the uninsured. By expanding coverage and providing subsidies for low-and-middle income Americans, we will make our system fairer and spread risk so the poor and sick get the care they need. By rewarding care that makes Americans healthier, not care that maximizes profits, we will control premium costs.

Lives are on the line. I remain confident we will succeed.”

Brian Robinson, spokesman for Lynn Westmoreland (R - Georgia), said, "Lynn's voting no, of course."

"Americans will not react well to pushing this through the Congress when they’ve spoken out so clearly against this plan," Robinson continued.

[UPDATE #2]: Brenda Jones, spokeswoman for John Lewis (D - Georgia), said that while she wasn't sure Congressman Lewis heard all of the President's remarks, she was certain that the 5th district U.S. Representative felt the nation must take action on health care.

"[Congressman Lewis] believes health care is a right and should not be a privilege for only those who can afford it," Jones said. "I am certain he will be seeking to pass the best possible health care reform legislation we can muster at this time in Congress. He also believes we cannot stop there. He will continue to work on this issue until this nation provides access to health care to all of its citizens."

[UPDATE #1]: Congressman Phil Gingrey (R-GA), Co-Chair of the GOP Doctors Caucus, released the following statement today after the President’s press conference on health care -

"What the President announced today were a small collection of meaningless platitudes designed to garner a few more Democratic votes. It was by no means a bipartisan olive branch, particularly when Democratic leaders still plan to manipulate Senate rules to try and pass health care reform by a simple majority vote to avoid regular order. The simple fact remains that 73 percent of Americans don’t want the current health care reform proposal to pass. All the speeches and legislative maneuvering in the world cannot change that inconvenient truth."

As the reactions come in, I'll post them here.