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22 March 2010

Not. Again. General Assembly Can't Seem To Get It Together On Transportation

For the last two legislative sessions, I've sat in the Senate Press Gallery and watched in disappointment as the Georgia General Assembly failed to pass a comprehensive transportation plan for this state. This year, despite support from Gov. Perdue, it does not appear that the third time will be the charm.

Metro Atlanta’s hopes for a way to fund gridlock-easing transportation improvements may be about to die in the General Assembly for a third straight year.

With the 2010 legislative session approaching a make-or-break deadline, a transportation funding bill proposed by Gov. Sonny Perdue could fall victim to the same political tensions that blew up the last two years of work.

“This year, because the governor actually introduced legislation himself ... we were very optimistic that we would finally get a comprehensive transportation package approved,” said Bill Linginfelter, chairman of the Metro Atlanta Chamber and area president for Regions Bank.

“[But] if we bogged down for the third straight year, what it proves is that it’s not only a complex issue that we have to deal with, it’s also a highly political one.”

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Allow me to be candid here.

If state lawmakers fail for a third time to pass a transportation funding bill, the 2010 legislative session will be nothing short of a failure in my eyes.