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17 March 2010

New Poll: 47% Of Georgians Favor A Vote On Horse Race Betting

Wednesday morning, State Representative Harry Geisinger (R - Roswell) touted a new poll commissioned by the Georgia Equine Education Project (GEEP) that says 47% of Georgia voters would be in favor of allowing the people of Georgia to vote in a referendum on whether or not betting on horseracing in Georgia should be allowed under the law.

"At a time when we need to attract new, high-revenue businesses to Georgia, I am glad to see that the people would favor a referendum on allowing them to vote up or down on whether to bring this job creating engine to our state. The bottom line is this can help bring jobs and close our revenue hole in the long run," Geisinger said. "Once we have the opportunity to present the facts to the people, I feel confident that Georgians will move overwhelmingly to support bringing horseracing to our state. The poll showed that people are 57% more likely to support horse racing if part of the proceeds go to the HOPE Scholarship and other education efforts, which is in fact, already in our bill."

State Rep. Geisinger is the chief sponsor of House Bill 1168, a bill that would permit horse race betting in Georgia.

The survey conducted by Duluth-based Landmark Communications had a sampling size of 1,134 Georgia voters. The poll said that 47% favor a referendum on horse race betting with 38% opposed. In addition, only 26% of those questioned view horse racing as immoral.