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11 March 2010

Milton/Campbell County Bill Clears Committee

After a hearing lasting more than an hour, and accusations of racism from state Rep. Joe Heckstall (D - East Point), the House State Planning & Community Affairs Committee approved House Resolution 21; the bill allowing for the re-creation of a previously existing county.

Before the vote, a motion to table the legislation was narrowly voted down, eight to seven. DeKalb County state Representative Billy Mitchell offered an amendment to allow for all of Fulton to vote on dividing the county. That amendment failed on a vote of nine to eight.

The committee vote was 9 in favor and 7 against.

The proposed constitutional amendment now goes to the House Rules Committee for placement on the debate calendar for a vote by the full House.

HR 21 needs 120 votes in the House and 38 votes in the Senate to be placed before the voters this November.