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18 March 2010

Liberal Opinion Columnist Says "Deem Is Dumb"

Over the last few days, left-wing Georgia bloggers have been justifying the so-called "Slaughter Solution" as a means to pass the yet-to-be-seen health care reform bill.

At Georgia Liberal, Brett called those opposed to the Slaughter Solution "ill-informed fools" [Brett (2010-3-16). The Self-Executing Rule — How to Pass Health Care. Georgia Liberal. Retrieved on 2010-3-18.]. And Johnathan of Beyond The Trestle described the Slaughter Solution as "a perfectly reasonable and acceptable procedural method" [Johnathan (2010-3-16). Common sense and procedural rules. Beyond The Trestle. Retrieved on 2010-3-18.].

For those unfamiliar, the Slaughter Solution is a parliamentary trick being considered by Democratic congressional leaders to pass health care reform without actually voting on it. Essentially, the House Rules Committee --chaired by New York Rep. Louise Slaughter-- would adopt a rule deeming the Senate health care bill passed without a formal roll call vote.

Conservatives have been up in arms over this sketchy move with some even questioning its constitutionality [Barbash, Fred (2010-3-16). ‘Slaughter Solution’ could face legal challenge. Politico. Retrieved on 2010-3-18.].

Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Cynthia Tucker weighed in on the discussion Wednesday afternoon, but her stance on the Slaughter Solution was not the one most would expect.

Tucker, a widely-accepted liberal, declared that "deem is dumb."

. . .it’s unimaginably dumb for the Democrats to pass the health care legislation using that obscure procedure. They’re not avoiding political trouble. They’re creating more! What a bunch of cowards.

Don’t be cowards, Dems. Pass the bill with a straight-up vote.

Tucker, Cynthia (2010-3-17). ‘Deem’ is dumb. Democrats shouldn’t use it. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved on 2010-3-18.

Earlier this week, I called on Georgia's Democratic congressional delegation to vote down the Slaughter Solution and vote their conscience on the underlying health care bill [Walker, Andre (2010-3-15). GA Dems: Vote Down The Rule, Vote Your Conscience On Health Care Reform. Georgia Politics Unfiltered. Retrieved on 2010-3-15.]. I am repeating that call today because the Slaughter Solution is, as Cynthia Tucker suggests, a cowardly act.

It is a bad rule and needs to be defeated.

Vote down the rule. Vote your conscience on health care reform.