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10 March 2010

Jim Marshall's "No" Vote On Health Care May Cost Him Labor Support

Greg Sargent at Who Runs reports that Georgia Congressman Jim Marshall won't be voting for President Obama's health care bill.

Dem Rep Jim Marshall, a prominent Blue Dog who voted No last time but was believed to be open to backing the Senate bill, is now a definite No, his spokesperson confirms.

“Marshall is a no,” Marshall spokesperson Doug Moore tells our reporter, Ryan Derousseau.

Sargent, Greg (2010-3-10). Another House Dem Confirms He’ll Vote No On Senate Bill. The Plum Line. Retrieved on 2010-3-10.

Well, Jim Marshall appears to be taking a principled stand on this issue or at the very least, listening to his constituents. I think if a poll were taken in Georgia's 8th congressional district, a majority of those questioned might be opposed to ObamaCare.

However, Congressman Marshall's principled stand may cost him union support in his re-election bid this fall.

Gerald McEntee, president of 1.6-million-member AFSCME, told the Huffington Post. "I think we have to demonstrate that we are not going to stand aside, that we are going to take them out if they don't help us at all."

"We are going to be calling and calling members in the days ahead," Anna Burger, Secretary Treasurer of the SEIU and Chair of Change to Win, told the Huffington Post. "And if they leave before the recess and haven't done anything, they are going to get absolutely hounded at home."

Stein, Sam (2010-3-9). Labor On Dems Who Block Health Reform: We'll 'Take Them Out'. The Huffington Post. Retrieved on 2010-3-10.

So, Congressman Marshall may get hounded at home by the unions. He may even face a challenge in the Democratic primary (as of yet, no Democrat is running against Marshall). I guess that's the price Jim Marshall has to pay for declaring his opposition to ObamaCare.