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21 March 2010

Jack Kingston Responds To Health Care Vote

Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston released the following statement on the passage of the health care bill:

“The most significant legislation of our generation and it has been rushed through not on its merits but by using parliamentary tricks and special interest payoffs. If the bill was that good and full of true reform and lasting solutions, the debate would have been marked by transparency and bipartisanship.

“Health care is one-sixth of our economy but, more importantly, one of the most personal facets of our lives. Inserting government bureaucrats between doctors and patients is not the answer. With Social Security and Medicare going broke and America’s national debt at more than $12 trillion we’re now starting a new trillion dollar entitlement program – it’s irresponsible. And with 10% unemployment, we’re going to put a new tax on businesses whenever they hire somebody. This is a sad day for America.