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12 March 2010

Hank Johnson On The 2010 Census: "We Must Count Everyone"

Congressman Hank Johnson (D - Georgia) reminded people to complete their census forms in a news release issued Thursday:

Rep. Johnson urged fellow residents of the Fourth District and all Georgians to fill out their 2010 Census form. The Census is a vital tool of American democracy that impacts every community across the country.

The results of the Census will determine how more than $445 billion in federal funds – for everything from schools to roads to senior centers – are distributed to state, local, and tribal governments over the next decade. It also affects representation in Congress and the Electoral College.

“Our community can’t afford to lose out on crucial federal funds and programs,” said Congressman Johnson. “In order to get our fair share of funding for our community, we must count everyone. Our schools, libraries, community centers and so many other important programs all rely on Census results.”

The 2000 Census had a 67 percent national response rate, with an estimated undercount of more than 3 million people. According to a recent PriceWaterhouseCoopers report, areas most affected by Census undercounting lose about $2,913 per uncounted person in federal funding.

“I hope you all join me in filling out the Census form,” said Johnson. “It is the best way to help our community, our schools, and our children. Join me – stand up and be counted.”

As with other public efforts, Georgia residents should be wary of fake Census scams that attempt to collect personal information. The Census Bureau has received complaints about deceptive mailings that include envelopes marked “Census” and include a “census tracking code.” People should review all mailings carefully to ensure that they are indeed from the Census Bureau. Official Census Bureau documents will never ask for your full social security number, money or a donation, PIN codes, passwords or similar access information for credit cards, banks or other financial accounts. Also, the Bureau never sends requests on behalf of a political party. If residents are suspicious of a mailing, they can contact Rep. Johnson’s office, the Census Bureau, or the Postmaster General’s office.

The 2010 Census is one of the shortest in U.S. history, consisting of only 10 questions. The Census is conducted every 10 years and consists of questions about the number of people living in your home and some demographic information about them.

For additional information about the Census, please call Rep. Johnson’s district office at 770-987-2291 or visit