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17 March 2010

Georgia Senate Debates Health Care Freedom of Choice Amendment Today

A lot of attention is being directed towards the health care bill currently under consideration in Congress. Democrats in the U.S. House are busy scurrying around for the votes to pass a measure that they say would provide health insurance to more tha 30 million Americans.

If the bill becomes law, however, a proposed amendment to Georgia's constitution might allow people to opt out of any health insurance plan without penalty from the government.

Senate Resolution 794, sponsored by Republican Judson Hill, is scheduled to be debated today. SR 794, the Health Care Freedom of Choice Amendment, says " no law or rule or regulation shall compel any person, employer, or health care provider to participate in any health care system."

"Our country was founded on individual freedom and liberty, and no government should be able to compel its citizens to only use certain doctors or restrict people from purchasing private health care or health insurance,” said Sen. Judson Hill. "Socialized health care will not solve our health care challenges. I will continue to work to make sure that all Georgians have access to high quality health care at affordable rates." [Update on the Health Care Freedom of Choice amendment. Georgia Legislative Watch. Retrieved on 2010-3-17.]

SR 794 needs 38 votes in the Senate and 120 votes in the House in order to appear on the ballot this fall.