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05 March 2010

Georgia Receives Over $12 Million From Feds For Transit Projects

The Office of Vice President Joe Biden just released a statement detailing over $600million in new awards to 42 states for transit projects.

Here's an excerpt from the press release:

Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today announced funding for 191 new Recovery Act transit projects in 42 states and Puerto Rico that will help transform the nation’s infrastructure and support thousands of jobs across the country.

“Investing in these transit upgrades not only puts construction workers on the job at project sites, but supports American manufacturing jobs all the way down the supply chain,” said Vice President Biden. “At a time when jobs are priority number one, that means twice the employment bang for the Recovery Act buck.”

“Because of transit projects being built with money from the Recovery Act, thousands of people can pay their mortgages or their rent, make their car payments, put food on the table for their families and maintain their quality of life,” said Secretary LaHood.

Below is how the $12,054,893 in transit funding for Georgia was allocated:

Cobb County Community Transit $244,880 Additional funds for Cobb Community Transits paratransit facility and Surveillance cameras.
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Agency $2,260,703 Operating Assistance
Henry County Board of Commissioners $120,000 Construction of a Lube Shop; misc. shop equip.
Georgia Department of Transportation – Office of Intermodal Programs $3,233,800 Purchase 1 40ft. replacement bus, 3 replacement buses and 2 expansion buses; bus refurbishing, fare collection equip., ITS equip., surveillance and sec. equip.
Georgia Regional Transportation Authority $636,298 Operating Assistance
Georgia Department of Transportation – Office of Intermodal Programs $4,887,532 Purchase 21 Vans, 13 Shuttle Buses, and 2 Intercity Buses. Bus shelters; Computers systems, Automatic Vehicle Locator/Mobile Data, Security cameras, Communications System; misc. shop equip; Bus terminals; multimodal facility
Chatham Area Transportation Authority $449,039 Operating assistance
Cherokee County Commission $4,761 Additional support to purchase Miscellaneous Communications Equipment
Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners $217,880Operating assistance
State Total $12,054,893