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31 March 2010

Georgia GOP Uses Impeachment To Distract From Ethics Troubles

Georgia Republicans are trying their hardest to hand the reins of power back to the Democrats.

Tuesday afternoon, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that state Rep. Mark Hatfield upped the ante in the feud between Attorney General Thurbert Baker (D - Georgia) and state GOPers opposed to the newly enacted health care law.

A House Republican on Tuesday filed a resolution to bring articles of impeachment against Attorney General Thurbert Baker, for his refusal to file a legal challenge to the new federal health care law – as directed by Gov. Sonny Perdue.

State Rep. Mark Hatfield, sponsor of HR 1866, says Baker is bound by the state constitution to file legal at the request of the governor.

Galloway, Jim (2010-3-30). House GOP lawmakers file bill of impeachment against Thurbert Baker. Political Insider. Retrieved on 2010-3-30.

Thirty radical Republican legislators signed on to the impeachment resolution.

Baker, a candidate for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, told the AJC that impeachment is not productive and does nothing to solve the myriad of problems facing the great state of Georgia.

He's right. Georgia has a billion dollar budget deficit and record-breaking unemployment. Yet the radical Republicans are distracting themselves from the major issues facing the Empire State of the South to focus on impeaching the elected Attorney General.

That's right. These articles of impeachment are a distraction. This senseless impeachment resolution, authored by state Rep. Mark Hatfield, is an attempt to make Georgians forget about the ethical lapses of the state GOP.

Four years ago, Sonny Perdue made history when he became the first Georgia Governor to be fined by the State Ethics Commission [Walker, Andre (2005-6-17).  Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue Fined By The State Ethics Commission. Georgia Politics Unfiltered.  Retrieved on 2010-3-30.]. Last year, former Speaker of the Georgia House Glenn Richardson resigned in disgrace due to an inappropriate relationship with a lobbyist [McCaffrey, Shannon (2009-12-3). Glenn Richardson RESIGNS: Georgia House Speaker Out After Attempted Suicide, Alleged AffairThe Huffington Post. Retrieved on 2010-3-30.].

Republican gubernatorial candidate John Oxendine is a regular target for unethical behavior. The Ox, as he is lovingly called, was investigated by the State Ethics Commission for taking $120,000 in illegal campaign contributions [Galloway, Jim (2009-10-15). Ethics commission refuses to drop John Oxendine investigation. Political Insider. Retrieved on 2010-3-30.]. There are reports that Oxendine used an investigation to pressure another Republican out of the gubernatorial campaign [McWhirter, Cameron and Galloway, Jim (2010-2-1). Did Oxendine use investigation to influence Westmoreland? Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved on 2010-3-30.].

Now former Congressman Nathan Deal, another GOP gubernatorial candidate, is in hot water with the nonpartisan Office of Congressional Ethics for violating several House rules [Nathan Deal Ethics Report Finds Ex-Georgia Congressman Guilty Of Wrongdoing. The Huffington Post. Retrieved on 2010-3-30.].

Notice the pattern emerging in the Peach State?

Since Georgia Republicans became the majority party ten years ago, they have done nothing but line their pockets with cash or hook up with cute lobbyists in short skirts.

In other words, they're crooks. But the GOP does not want Georgians to remember that at the ballot box. That's why the radical Republicans have filed articles of impeachment against Attorney General Thurbert Baker.

It's a distraction, plain and simple.