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26 March 2010

Front Paging On

If the blog is already on your list of daily reads, then you've probably noticed a few of my entries on the front page.

If you've never heard of MyDD, then let me share with you a little bit about the site:

MyDD is a collaborative politically progressive American politics blog. It was established by Jerome Armstrong in 2001. Its name was originally short for "My Due Diligence." In January 2006, the name was changed to "My Direct Democracy" as part of a site redesign, with the new tagline "Direct Democracy for People-Powered Politics."

MyDD was profiled in late 2005 as part of the article "Blogging Down the Money Trail" in Campaigns and Elections magazine. The article focused on the special election in Ohio's second congressional district and the ability of blogs like MyDD, Daily Kos, and Swing State Project to raise funds for Democratic candidates and draw national attention to local races. The magazine credits MyDD with being "the first major liberal blog."

Wednesday morning, I became the newest front page blogger on this highly prominent site.

This is going to be fun.