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02 March 2010

Does A Presidential Photo-Op Help Bishop, Porter Or Thurmond?

Among the big news stories in Georgia today is President Obama's visit to Savannah as part of his White House to Main Street tour.

The White House Press Office released a list of elected officials who will be attending the President's remarks at Savannah Technical College. Among those listed are 4th district Congressman Hank Johnson, 2nd district Congressman Sanford Bishop, Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond and House Democratic Leader DuBose Porter.

Of the ten politicos expected to be in attendance, four are either running for higher office or locked in tough bids for re-election. Does a photo-op with President Obama help any of the four candidates running for office this year?

A photo-op with the President may help a person like Hank Johnson in his campaign for another term in Congress. Obama carried the 4th district by large numbers in both the 2008 Democratic presidential primary and the General Election. For someone like gubernatorial candidate DuBose Porter or possible lt. governor candidate Michael Thurmond though, a picture with the President might hurt them in the General Election when Republicans and independents vote.

A recent Insider Advantage Georgia poll shows that Georgia gives President Obama a job approval rating of 41%. Numbers like that may be too much of a burden for Sanford Bishop who faces stiff competition from Republican state Representative Mike Keown.