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20 March 2010

Democrats Exorcise "Demon Pass"

It is being reported that congressional Democrats have dropped the bad parliamentary procedure known as the Slaughter Solution; the method by which the U.S. House would "deem" the Senate health care bill passed without a direct roll call vote [Montgomery, Lori (2010-3-20). House leaders plan separate health vote, rejecting 'deem and pass'. Washington Post. Retrieved on 2010-3-20.].

As I said earlier this week, the Slaughter Solution was a bad rule that needed to be voted down. The news that this sleazy parliamentary trick won't even be considered is encouraging. It means that basic rules of order will be adhered to.

Amend the bill. Pass the bill as amended. Send it back to the U.S. Senate for its consideration. If the Senate agrees to the House amendments, then the bill goes to the President's desk. If the Senate disagrees and the House insists on its position, then appoint a Committee of Conference to negotiate a final piece of legislation.

That is how bills are supposed to be passed. That is how the Georgia General Assembly passes bills. That's what is taught on those old School House Rock tapes we all grew up watching.