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22 March 2010

David Poythress Renews Call For Roy Barnes To Drop Out

Citing polls and the need for Democrats to avoid a divisive gubernatorial primary, David Poythress called on former Gov. Roy Barnes to end his campaign for the Governor's Mansion. Below is the press release:

Last July, I called for former Governor Barnes to rethink his decision to run for Governor. In a Friday radio interview on WGAU (1380AM) in Athens, Democratic Party of Georgia chairwoman Jane Kidd agreed when she said “…for the good of the Party, let’s keep the competition down to as few candidates as possible.”

What’s become clear over the last nine months is that more and more Democrats realize that we need to nominate a candidate who can win in November. Roy Barnes may be the frontrunner, but he cannot beat the Republican nominee.

The points I mentioned last summer hold true today. The state’s teachers haven’t forgiven or forgotten how he insulted them, and they stand ready to enthusiastically vote against him again. The Georgia GOP is so excited about their nominee facing Roy that they have already launched an anti-Barnes website reviving the “King Roy the Rat” image. And, although he claims to be “listening,” Barnes still doesn’t realize that Georgians aren’t buying his reinvention tour.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that he proved he could have a $20 million fundraising lead and all the advantages of being an incumbent and LOSE when he handed the GOP their first keys to the Governor’s office in over 150 years.

The recent polling results show him trailing or even with nearly every Republican candidate, dropping down to the mid-thirties - a far cry from the overwhelming lead in the polls he used to enjoy!

I hope Kidd can convince Barnes to not destroy the Party for the second time in less than a decade. With so many critical issues facing the state and reapportionment looming, the stakes are too high for the Party to take a chance on him again. And he’s brought no new energy or ideas to the campaign so far.

In short, we need a candidate with proven leadership and commonsense solutions to our state’s critical problems. I believe I am the only Democratic candidate with a strong record that can withstand the fierce competition of the General Election.

So let me repeat my sentiment from last summer:

“For the good of the Party, I hope that Roy Barnes realizes that there’s still time for him to change his mind so we can avoid a divisive primary. Ironically, the only sure-fire way to prove that he has changed is for Roy to put Georgia’s needs before his own ambition and stay out of the race for Governor.”